Void Conversion to Value Creation: The Powerful Practice to Pay Nothing for Everything

We need nothing as a source for the possibility of everything. Not as in the price of everything being literally 0 cents, but the fact the state of non-existence is what we need to have stuff to exist. That stuff includes ourselves as people. All the things in existence that we know can only exist because nothing is a thing. You know that thing people call a hole in their heart? A strange little airy space in the spirit that just seems like it should have a whole lot more mass to it than a hollow chocolate Easter bunny? That hole in the heart is one and the same with the power that made this whole universe possible. It’s spiritual omega to the alpha of infinity. It’s absolute zero, and it’s not just existential, but essential.
This core void is so vital to what we are as people that we often work to guarantee it grows wider and deeper without even intending to. Even when only for a few seconds, this permanently empty room of the soul is a place that many people find impossibly overwhelming to experience. All throughout history, millions of have been driven to desperation by the dread of lifelong imprisonment in their own damn consciousness. The recognition of it can be so extreme that some sacrifice their entire lives for an answer to the question of how to weaken or undo it. Instead of asking how to overcome nothingness, a better question to ask is how to make it work for us.
We humans have always been pretty good at wanting one thing and instinctively working our asses off to maintain the opposite. As social animals, most of us naturally want to be part of something bigger than us. We are. We’re tied to something so much bigger than us that it encompasses all things in existence that depend on it to exist in the first place; that “thing” is the very state of “nothing”. The unfilled space in the glass bowl that makes it a see-through object. It’s a non-negotiable condition of living while human that can’t be exchanged for anything else, no matter how many soccer moms call the managers.
We’re carrying a part of that big nothing everywhere we go. Everything we see and move through comes from the nothing. Nothing is eternal; because of that, everything can and will have a chance to exist. To make the most out of this nothing, the solution could be to use it for everything. In order to question the meaning of everything, we needed the the ability to experience and define the state of nothing in ourselves first. The price of defining nothing is to sense the absence of everything; in exchange, as people, we can create everything that we have.
When we take the sense of nothing into account, we have the base capital to invest in what we do have until it’s been used to the fullest.

Everybody’s after something. Something real. That somethin’ somethin’. Why? Because, in many cases, just the promise of something seems better than the state of nothing at all. Nothing is not just a concept, but a feeling that many people tend to move at a fast pace to keep their distance from contemplating; without fail, it somehow always finds it way back to the mental peripheral. It may not necessarily be at the top of mind, but it’ll just always be just present to enough stay in mind.

Now here’s a little something that works as a single and double negative at the same time: it’s understandable not to want to think about nothing. For all our tendency to make mountains out of anthills for the sake of debate and gossip, we do a lot to keep our minds in a state of un-thought about being fundamentally unfulfilled. You might say that as much money goes into the industry of dealing dissociation, thought itself is the drug we get addicted to before we even know what addiction is.

We want to escape things that makes us uncomfortable by design. That’s evolutionary science. That’s how kids learn not to put their hands on the stove. In a more extreme case, aversion to discomfort in ancient times could be what saved you from the much worse discomfort of death by predators in the tall grass. Self-preservation instincts based on discomfort avoidance kept many of our ancestors from being the first victims of ancient animals that could ambush and wreck them exactly as violently as we could expect from realistic wild Pokemon.

In those times, with people living on the edge of death by direct food chain order on a daily basis from birth, there wasn’t a whole lot of time to contemplate nothing. Our “everything and nothing” in ancient times was our simple drive to multiply fast enough to outpace our number of losses to saber tooth tigers, plant life with the the same dietary effect as cyanide pills, and tribal wars fought to make more of us tomorrow for the price of less of us today.

In that breakneck pace horror thriller show of pure National Geographic brutality, there’s no room to think about what could be missing. Nothing in this primitive time has been created and posed as an idea yet, which means that there’s nothing to cast the shadow of nothing with its very existence. By the time that we developed things, our ability to contemplate the absence of things was inflicted upon us forever. Some more superstitious sorts with high-wired imaginations might make a good presentation or short story about this being a curse. The price of producing things that could touch even the stars that no other creature on Earth could begin to think of; an impossibly tightly wound relationship with the awareness of absence.

It’s easy to see why this can freak people out. Nothing is a damn easy thing to scare yourself with. It’s the highest level of unknown possible, infinitely above everything other uncertain thing in history that’s ever activated someone’s fight or flight response. If “creepy” is a drop of water from a leaky ceiling, “nothing” is the ocean completely submerging your whole continent.

The thing is, as understandable as nothingness having a bad connotation is, it’s misunderstood. We were never given a chance to develop a productive relationship with nothing, because our every achievement was an exercise in trying to build a protective fortress from it; all the while, completely unaware that the bigger this fortress to keep out the dread of “nothing” became, the longer the shadow of nothing’s immensity grew.

The more a person hopes to do for an escape a sense of nothing, the more deeply their success at doing those things will drive them down into the void of how inevitable nothing is. No milestones, accomplishments, victories, legacies or spectacles of degenerate fucketry can create freedom from our home in the recognition of hollow. Many millions of dollars have been made and burned all over the world by wildly different people battling the same sense of permanent nothing hole imprisonment.
At this point, something’s got to give. We’re reaching the pinnacle of heights to things that can be built with this once rich planet’s resources that have enough glamour to inspire belief in the defeat of this tyrant named nothing; at least, that is, among the ones who haven’t already figured out how to topple that tyranny all on their own.
Nothing’s infamous iron grip on the human soul is one that can only be a grip when resisted. When it’s not, it is no longer a grip that strangles the soul. It is the fundamental “shape” of the very soul itself, completely transparent like glass, but unbreakable. The invincible membrane making up this cell of nothing has to be unbreakable, because within it, the nucleus of everything is contained and protected. All the infinite force and power of everything in existence that the human mind can imagine and create is given a container by “nothing”. At the core of nothing, everything has complete reign to surge, crash, reform and take shape yet again. The splinter of nothingness in the heart is not a curse, but a reminder of our blessing in self-awareness.
Our lottery ticket to see and create things happening at this junction of an impossibly massive universe. The nothing is the evidence of our gift to comprehend all that we know, love, remember and hope for. It is not something to be escaped, but something to be recognized. It’s the kindle for that spark of infinite ideas, dreams, creations and mind blowing experiences to ignite.

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