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Personas and Personal Empowerment: The Art of Honest Identity Theft

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To stop the sense of being overwhelmed with what you cannot control, invest only in your hold on that which you can be certain of controlling: your sense of self. Be your own consistency among inconsistencies. An actively self-conjured element in a sea of unpredictable elements. Your internal assuredness of you is the direction that […]

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Health and Fitness Brand Profiles Part 1: Meal Planning, Athletic Apparel, UV Ray Protection, Boutique Studios, 3D/4D Technology & Corporate Wellness

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(X-Post from the Training Site) To make a massive understatement, modern innovation in the global consumer health and fitness technology landscape is skyrocketing in several ways. Even just a brief glimpse at only a handful of the things to find in current market can carry you on a dynamic trip from polar end to end of user experience spectrum, from the smart […]