Sketchy as Hell

It’s about to get reeeeeeal sketchy up in here, ladies and gentlemen.


You know that annoying saying about how you always find something in the very last place that you look?

As patronizing as it sounds, I think that applies to more than just the physical things.

I’m not trying to get all Matthew Mcconaughey on you right now, but I think it applies to passions and talents too – it’s just a matter of if and when you find that thing, whether it’s singing or underwater basket weaving or ghostwriting every Number 1 hit pop song ever made (seriously, it’s all basically just one guy.)

It’s also a matter of if you have the patience to keep looking.  Do you hit the floor and strain your back to get to the dustiest corners that you already double-checked, or do you just settle for being happy with the things that you already know where to find?

It may be as simple as realizing the answer to the most complex issue was the simplest damn thing in the world, only the complex issue is your entire life and the answer just happens to be that one thing you never really sucked at doing.

Do you know what that is for you? Are you still looking for that?

Did you try looking under the couch?

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