Energy into Action Potential: A Self-Interest that Saves Lives

By just about anyone’s definition, our best interests are a matter of benefits minus bullshit.

In other words, it means maintaining residence in the realm of what’s real.

The realm of all that’s real is fully made up of what gets done. Done by time, by nature, the sleep paralysis demons when they’re not in your room, and by our actions as human beings.

Naturally, most people’s best interests would be choices that are best for providing us more power to take action and get things done at all. Effectively, consistently, and sometimes legally.

What needs to get done comes down to priorities. One of those priorities is the effort we put into making our best interests a priority the first place. If one of your top priorities is to find out how much cocaine it takes to smell in color, mileage may vary.

Even in this psychedelic carousel of chaos and Florida-worthy news content we call our world, we can almost always count on at least one controllable cause-and-effect opportunity to exist for us in the space of a day. The size of these opportunities may be more petite at some points and curvier in others, but between dawn and dusk, their appearance is practically guaranteed. These opportunities can pop up and fizzle like a flash in the pan or linger like a cloud, but either way, they are windows of time to claim ownership of some level of influence over something’s trajectory to a certain outcome. In some cases, that something could very well be the quality of our lives.

Extreme ownership is not always just matter of taking responsibility for things that are extreme in scale or intensity. Extreme ownership can manifest as an extreme level of willingness to take full advantage of whatever chance we have to take decisive action; however, what we can decide to do with those chances when they present themselves depends on how much power we’ve cultivated to take action.

Our energy, resources, time management, health and habits are all cornerstones of our capacity to take powerful action in the moments that matter most. If something threatens any cornerstone of a person’s ability take action, and yet they choose that something just to maintain another’s perception of their willingness to act, then they’re basically driving a car to get gas money. The better one does at maintaining the cornerstones their power to take meaningful action as capable agents of change in our own lives, the more power they’ll have to invest in taking action to help those important to them when the time arrives.

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