PSA: Lions are the best damn animal. Point blank.

Steel Crusher Simba

There’s a lot of things in the world that get romanticized to a pretty extreme degree, but among those things, I really do think that lions deserve the hype. Sure, gazelles would probably disagree and elephants would probably take lions to Ihop in a football game, but they’re all around just badass gold standard animals. Completely biased because of Mufasa here but how can you not admire them?

Show appreciation for lions. Seriously. They’re authentic as hell. They don’t have to tell anyone they’re lions, they just wake up and do savage lion business. Leos, I’m a bit jealous of you because you got the lion and I got stuck with the fish goat, but no hard feels. Just look at those nuclear battle catbeasts go goddamn.

Steel Crusher Simba

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