Writing Prompt Challenge: Kobold Raid

Writing prompt challenge: You get to go on a magical adventure with a party. You live in a crumbling rust belt city. Your healer is a drug dealer, and your mage is an unattended 8-year-old boy.


Three kobold raiders and one kobold raider captain. A pair of raiders on the ground to the northwest up ahead. One has a machete and the other has a kunai with chain. Third raider’s to the northeast hopping rooftops with a crossbow. The captain’s closing the distance on the ground behind us to the south. Gatling greatsword. Must have camped on the outskirts last sundown before moving in. Looks like they’re raiding in a flank formation. How can we handle this? And what the hell is that smell? Is it…oh no.

I’m forced to deactivate Foresight to address the source ofthe pungent odor. It was the priest and his ritual. Again.

“Priest! Why are you burning your healing herbs now? Kobolds are right on top of us, they’ll smell that!”

The priest coughs. To date, I have never seen his face. The hood is enchanted and keeps it in permanent shade. I only heard his name from the people in town who’d led me to him in search of a healing specialist. He was revered for his healing herbs, and despite their bothersome scent, they were in high demand.

The smoke billowing the darkness of his hood meant that he was already channeling the spirits in preparation for their help with any imminent battle wounds.

“Ah, I see. You’re right, you must have had a holy premonition. There’s no choice but to fight here. We’ll have to be ready to stand our ground.”

I steel my resolve. Kobolds are hardy but most vulnerable to the cold. We could take advantage of that to make up for being outnumbered. Thankfully, we had the right magical power in our corner for the job.

I grimaced at the necessity of having to address our mage by his full self-appointed title to gethis attention. Though stubborn, It was his only requirement to join us.

“Mage Master Captain Grownup Legend…we’ll need you to cast some ice spells.”

“I wanna make lightning!”

“What? Kobolds are most vulnerable to the cold. We need ice most!”

“No! Lightning!”

He threw both his hands to the heavens, and sure enough, a bolt of lightning struck the ground with a harsh flash. I heard the priest’s voice for the first time in my life. “Aw damn!”

The conjured lightning had struck Priest Snoop’s sack of healing herbs, leaving a billowing geyser of smoke. As the smoke rose, it took the shape of a serpent and rapidly coiled around us in the clear eye of its vortex. As it expanded, I could hear the alarmed grunts of kobolds in the distance.

When the smoke cleared, the kobold sounds had stopped entirely. I reactivated Foresight to assess the situation. The grounded kobold raiders ahead of us to the west and the raid captain to the south had stopped advancing. Though no ice spell had been cast, they stood virtually frozen in place where they stood. The one that had been on the rooftops had fallen from his post and was impaled on a beam of rust.

At that moment, I realized what had happened. “Of course. Holy healing herb essence must be incompatible with kobold blood. All we needed was the right spell to evoke and direct it. Nicely done, Master Captain Grownup Legend!”

With the kobolds dazed and immobilized, I was able to fell them without resistance. I’d never seen a kobold up close before, but I’d heard countless tales of their appearance. Still, I’d never been told that their eyes were such a deep shade of red. 

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