Lady of Light and Blood

Suddenly, there wasn’t a thing in the world that she knew in terms of logic. In the place of what was once known, there was an all-encompassing understanding.

She paid no heed to the sensation of falling – in a way, it felt more as though the cradle of earth below was rising to carry her. Resistance was entirely unnecessary. At the end of the descent, each blade of grass appeared as a tower stretching into the cosmos itself.

No longer did her eyes rest on the veins of the Euphrates, the Tigris, or the the bay of the Mediterranean sea – every speck of dust now carried the volume of the moon. All of the unheard noises of the world reached a volume so inconceivable that their loudness became mute.

She felt a presence. An entity she had never met, yet felt profoundly familiar with, was before her. She didn’t question its presence or his intentions – she knew its aura as though it were the flow of her own blood. It was as if they shared the same veins. She felt something with the tempo of a heartbeat resonate through a stone enclosure surrounding the both of them, though it did not originate from any place within their individual forms.

The entity’s face was at once a featureless void and the kaleidoscope of a thousand expressions. Within that matrix, she saw her reflection flash. It spoke something in a language that she had never heard, but understood lucidly. Several thousand years of memories condensed into a single moment and flowed into her mind like cool magma from a volcano erupting in slow motion.

She saw a congregation of her children that numbered in the thousands, crying for her as one infant made from innumerable individual souls.

Within the span of a second, the sun and moon had revolved several thousand times. A sensation of upward-rising rain washed over her. She felt as the nucleus in a massive cell of sunlight. She could feel that the cell was a conglomerate of countless souls’ collective energy.

Microscopic explosions of fleeting energy from each soul persisted to form the cell of light. The collective energy of each one irradiated her with a rhythmic oscillation of heat and pressure in every pore. She could perceive just how long each node of energy lived before dying out. Some would last for fifty years, some for fifteen, and some would fade just as quickly as they emerged.

Without fail, each soul’s light that died was immediately replaced by dozens of thousands more. This was satisfying. However, with each compensation, the luminescence dimmed ever so slightly. This would not do.

The light was too radiant to allow tarnishing. Too intoxicating to let slip away. To let it radiance fade would be unspeakable. To let the luster lessen was tantamount to torture.

To preserve the light, brighter souls to burn would be necessary. She’d have to retrieve them at once.

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