Mindfulness and Mindlessness: The Limit Breaker of Unthought Being

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If you had just one way to describe the moment right now, what words would you use to do it? How would you describe the temperature of the air around you, or the texture of what you’re wearing? How deeply are you manually breathing? What colors are the thoughts running through your mind right now? Are they more on the warm side or the cool side? Still breathing manually? It’ll reset to autopilot eventually, no worries.

The thing about mindfulness is that it’s a lot more slippery than the past and future; but that’s only because it’s the one that counts most. In this circumstance, what matters most is making sure to take account of the here and now. 

If there’s anything to be said about the present moment, it’s that it both is and isn’t everything you’ve ever been, ever will be, always and never will. There’s some serious value in that. It’s the absolute picture of what you can do in the current moment, but with the windows defogged.

When it’s nothing but a question of what you’re experiencing in the present moment, then you’re completely unburdened of every other thing that could impede you by putting a roadblock in your momentum to handling the present moment. Simple, right?

Anything and everything that isn’t under your direct power to affect in this moment under the microscope ain’t worth a damn. Break the capability of the “can” down to a cellular level that makes it manageable. Start from the breath, build up to the movement of the bones. Breach to action at the maximum possible degree of directly exerted effort that produces a benefit.

Mindfulness is not only stillness, but uninhibited movement. Only what “can” be done is what truly exists. Use that, and know the full potential that rests in this very second.

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