Making all Resolutions Happen Manually

There’s nothing as impactful as the power of getting the damn thing done. Things need to be started to happen, we know this. Everyone who makes a resolution more or less understands there’s a doing aspect. Thing is, there’s always gonna be a disconnect between the idea of the future and what actually goes into the grinder to make it materialize. There’s a lot that goes into getting excited about stuff that ain’t bullshit. As it turns out, what happens after the excitement tends to lend itself to a lot of potential alleyways for bullshit to come in and make itself a big fat piece of problematic material for progress.


Shut that shit up from the jump and recognize infinity.

What you want to do that seems unbelievable already been done before. Everything step A to Z in our plan has been executed, in some way, shape or form, by one or series of other people equally slapped by the human condition. To a higher or possibly lower degree, but in either case, it has been done before. Know what that means? It means infinity. It means the material is right there, waiting for us to mold it. All our hopes and plans have been proven possible by the capacity of human beings to think and do things for the sake of doing them. We’re not reinventing wheels here, we’re finding new ways to make those bitches spin. It’s the Kentucky Derby motherfucker, let’s get out there and crash into some miracles.

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