Confession: I’m addicted to scamming MLM scammers

I just can’t help it. You can always tell who they are, lurking in the coffee shops and entrepreneur groups on LinkedIn. Always willing to talk on and on about this phenomenal new opportunity for financial independence that they learned about from a “married couple” or “mentor”. Walking around with their little Robert Kiyosaki books and a shiny watch on their wrist with a twinkle in their eyes, just waiting and hungry for someone to lend an ear to their magical bullshit. They’re adorable. I can’t help but have fun with them.

It’s fun to see the funny little ways they try putting a personal spin on their pitch, and of course I play along. I want them to think they’re doing well. I want to validate them. Oh yes, I’d love a mentor. And financial independence, who wouldn’t? Of course I’ll take a copy of your book and read it in 5 days before our followup meeting, you business-savvy go-getter you.

But it can’t last forever. The breakup is inevitable. Eventually, I have to cut them loose and let them know the score. As unfortunate as it is, I can’t help but get a slight sense of satisfaction at how they react to being played. Some get sullen. Some get mad. Some say nothing at all. I always make sure to give constructive criticism, of course. Usually they just become too needy and impatient when they think they’ve got my money in the bag. If I weren’t working full-time and lost every single one of my passions and side income streams, maybe I’d be the one coaching them. Fortunately, that’s not in this timeline.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve driven any of them to quit the hustle. Can’t be sure. In any case, I just got my 16th free copy of “The Business of the 21st Century” today. It’s a bit shameless, but we’ve all got our vices.

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