So many people have this deep desire to go back and do things differently than they did before. Let’s say somebody wanted it so damn much one day they actually went and got the wish granted. Let’s say the powers that be made that impossibility a real thing for one person out of the population.

Now, by some wild chance out of a billion, let’s say this time travel lottery winner just so happened to be yourself in the future. Let’s say that due to circumstances you weren’t even aware of, because they haven’t happened yet, your future self wanted nothing more than be sent back to a specific point in time in the past (our present) for just one more chance to get it right. Whatever it may be. Who knows

Let’s consider the possibility that in this scenario, there’s a critical catch to the deal: the time traveler’s not allowed to keep their memory of the time that they left. They get exactly what they wanted, but you when they arrive, they have no idea what went down between the future they rewound from and the current they came back to. With no knowledge left of their trip through time or what made them want it, how could anyone possibly take advantage of that one-in-a-billion second chance? How would we even begin to know that for sure?

How would we even know if the specific hour and calendar date in history that we lost all memory of time traveling to was just this morning?

(ponders africanly)

This morning was just as likely as any other to be the moment any of our future selves wanted to reset to. No telling what could make them want that, but if it was the case, we would never know. What we can say we know for sure right now is this: there’s a real chance of revolution. Somewhere in the matrix of all the different ways the next 24 hours could twist around our actions, there could be the foundation for something that billions of people dream about time travel for the chance to attempt. This could be the start of something bigger than what people around you thought it possible to think. This could be the prologue.

Maybe. It’s just a creative writing prompt. I do a lot of those here, along with blog posts about concepts, adventures, life lessons and everything in-between. There’s some occasional overlap with my weight training and artwork hobbies, so they’ve got their own designated fitness and art blogs too.

Wherever you happen to be in your biography right now, here’s to the blessing of being able to work at a better story every day. Look around and you may find something here to carry to the next chapter.

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