So many have this deep-seated desire to go back and do things differently than they did before. This drive desire a do-over can drill deep and demand. Now let’s say that somebody one day did desire that trip through time so damn much that one day they actually did get that wish granted. Let’s say that the fates finally conspired to make that impossibility a reality for just one person on the planet picked at random.

Now, by some wild chance out of a billion, let’s say this time travel lottery winner just so happened to be yourself in the future. Let’s say that due to circumstances you weren’t even aware of because they hadn’t happened yet at the current time, the past for your future self, you wanted nothing more than be sent back to a specific point in time for just one more chance to get it right.

Now in this scenario, there’s a critical catch to the deal: you were not allowed to keep your memory of the time that you left. You got exactly what you wanted, but you when you arrived, you lacked the awareness of what happened between the future time you rewound from and the current time you came back to. With no knowledge of what compelled you to desire time travel so desperately, how could you possibly take advantage of your second chance?

Consider the possibility that the time you arrived was just this moment, here.

Seriously, think about that.

Believe it or not, would be the moment your future self desired to be back in again so badly. You could hardly imagine what could have happened to make them want that, but it would be the case, and you would never know. The only thing that you can know for sure now is this: today could be that foundation in a fresh start that billions of people dream of time travel for. This could be the beginning of something bigger than you even perceived having the capacity to dream of before. This could be the prologue.

Maybe. It’s just a creative writing prompt. I do a lot of those here, along with blog posts about concepts, adventures, life lessons and everything in-between. There’s some occasional overlap with my weight training and artwork hobbies, so they’ve got their own designated fitness and art blogs too.

Wherever you happen to be in your biography right now, here’s to the blessing of being able to create a better story every day. I welcome you to look around here and possibly find something new to take with you to the next chapter.

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